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Directional Drilling

Underground Directional Drilling and Related Services

Underground Directional Drilling and Related Services ​ Tatana Contracting Limited have been doing Directional Drilling for over 25 years. We have built up expertise in this specialist area and are able to provide specific design solutions for projects in the past where the client "has come to grief" attempting to use traditional dig and lay methods for pipelines. This trenchless technology has enabled us to drill under State Highways, the NIMT Railway and also rivers with no surface impact on the environment.

Tatana Contracting Limited are highly qualified in all areas and aspects of underground utility placement by directional drilling. Specialising in water main renewals and installations, power and communication installation, trenching, reinstatement, associated fittings, and traffic management, our drilling specialist can provide the skills and experience necessary to tackle all tasks, including the unexpected, without the need to subcontract. This delivers our customers increased efficiency, on time and within budget.


Directional Rock Drilling

Directional Rock Drilling allows us to efficiently bore through sandstone, limestone, granite, conglomerate, basalt, shale and any other hard substance that may impede us.

Cost Effective Alternative

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) offers a cost effective alternative for the installation of new small and medium sized pipes and conduits, particularly if the specifications call for tight control on grade and alignment. For installations at depths of 600mm or greater, horizontal directional drilling can even provide a cost effective alternative to open-cut applications. Directional drilling is ideal for installing infrastructure beneath motorways, roads and railway tracks without effecting traffic flow. This technology can also be used for crossing rivers, lakes, streams and buildings.

Open Trenching

We can do all types of trenching from hard ground with rock breakers to soft ground using dewatering. As in all jobs that we do, planning is the key, from construction plans and mark outs of existing services to having the right plant for the job at TCL we have everything covered.

Project Management

Each project is treated individually and allocated a team of dedicated and experienced Project managers, Drill operators, Locators and Labourers, including a On-site Health & Safety Co-ordinator to make sure we keep within the guidelines of Health and Safety and to make sure we care for the environment we are working in.

Hydro Excavation

Another version of trenchless technology that can be applied. With our specialised Vacuum Truck we can pilot and trench with non-excavation methods. The main focus is to find services and cables without the use of conventional excavators or manual digging which allows us to have a “NO” damage policy.


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